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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Say Cheese!

     Missing a favorite family photo, or snapshot of good times with friends?  We think you might be, too, and this week we just have to share our array of photos that have been discovered in the books on our used book floor.

     Now, before you start worrying that we might have a snapshot of you at that unfortunate family costume shindig you may have attended last week or month, rest assured; the majority of the photos we have found are clearly from decades past, most likely from the 80s and earlier because the photos have rounded edges.  All seasons are represented, as we have family photos in the woods with fall foliage in the background and a winter shot with those captured posing with a snowman they created.  Summer by the water is clearly favored, though, as snapshots of happy individuals in boats, near boats, or just the boats, themselves, were numerous.  We even have a snapshot of Fido (enter any dog’s name you want here) sitting on a boat.  What is it with the boats, huh?

     A few of our favorites are of a family christening event in 1950. These older photos depict the well dressed family members, including the children, in their formal attire at a church, all smiles.  We know that these pictures were taken in 1950 because the photos are dated, but no names or places were included in the inscription on the back.

     While we have found the time frames and clothing fashions very interesting (and we need to note that the shorts length for men has greatly improved since the 1970s), we also feel that each picture has story to tell.  Where are the people today that we see in the snapshots, and what has happened to them since?  Would they remember the day that was captured in these pictures?  Does it make you think of a day that you wish you could have a snapshot of to remember?

     Normally we tell you what book our “find” was discovered in and list its sale price, but in this case, the photos came from a number of books.  You will also be noticing that for the winter months, we will only be posting a column/blog during the first week of the month.  Fear not, however – we will be back on a weekly basis when spring arrives.

     To catch up with our previous finds of the week from the used book floor, you can always check us out at and on facebook, or stop by the store in Center Harbor and check out the used book floor for yourself! 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Boat for Hire

     Ever been to the island of Grenada in the West Indies?  We haven’t, either, but our find of the week on the used book floor comes from this Caribbean haven that is near the islands of St. Lucia and Barbados.

     Hiding inside the pages of Alice Hoffman’s book, Blue Diary was a business card from Grenada stating “Boat for Hire” at the top and in smaller letters below, the name of the boat, “Prosperity 3.”  The owner’s name is listed as “Eric Carlisle” and he suggests his services for activities such as “snorkeling, picnics, sightseeing, or your choice”.  We actually found this card right after the series of hurricanes that recently passed through many of the Caribbean islands, so we thought that we would give Mr. Carlisle a call and see how his boat rentals are faring in Grenada after such an active hurricane season.  Blog research, we call it. 

     Seems like a simple task, right?  Look on the card and call the number listed, we thought.  Ahh…here is where the adventure truly began.  The business card does not list a phone number. If you want to book an adventure on the Prosperity 3, you have to go find the owner somewhere along the Grand Anse Beach or on the Carenage (which is basically like a long stretch of scenic waterfront in Grenada).  Because we are nowhere near the island of Grenada currently (and we do not give up easily), we decided to call a boat rental establishment that is near the beach to ask if anyone knew how we could contact Eric Carlisle/Prosperity 3.  Really, we thought, who doesn’t have a phone number on a business card?

    Apparently, many small businesses on Grenada.  After checking with several people in the background, the man on the phone told us that in order to speak to Eric Carlisle and book Prosperity 3, we would need to talk to “Tall John”.  Brace yourself for this one: Tall John does not have a phone, either.  He can only be found by asking around the fish market in downtown, St. George, Grenada.  Really?  Business cards with no phone numbers, boat rentals that are only booked by finding the man by the beach and a mysterious contact (who seemingly cannot be contacted) named Tall John.  We can’t make this stuff up.       

     We definitely can’t help you get a boat rental in Grenada, but Blue Diary is for sale (with boat rental business card included) here at Bayswater for $4.99.  To catch up with our previous finds of the week from the used book floor, you can always check us out at and on facebook, or stop by the store in Center Harbor and check out the used book floor for yourself!